March 5, 2009 Meeting Notes

On Thursday, March 5  2009,  approximately 15 Islanders gathered to watch the film Kilowatt Ours.  Last week, an equal number watched Garbage Warrior. These are the same films being shown by Beat the Heat and the Skagit Human Rights Festival.  In terms of sustainability, we do not need to leave the Island to view these important documentaries.

Most of the films are concerned with the social injustices and inequities that have been visited upon the poorest parts of the world, as we richer nations continue using a disproportionate share of the world's resources-  be it water, fossil fuels, etc.  It has been well documented that the US is the worst offender.

Folks have stayed afterwards to discuss what we can do individually and collectively to lower our own footprints, whether it be electric usage, water usage, etc. The discussions have been lively and worthwhile.  For example, most of us were unaware that PSE generates 37% of its power from coal.  We talked about PSE's green power program and encouraged folks to start buying green power shares.  There was a general consensus that we all need to be way more diligent about powering down.

The next film, Flow-  for Love of Water, deals with the problems of corporate privatization of water in the poorest parts of the globe and the US, as well. It will be shown at 7PM, Thurs., March 12,  in the church hall.

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