February 12, 2009 Meeting Notes

Sustainable Guemes
February 12, 2009—Meeting Notes

A Sustainable Guemes meeting was held at 7:00 PM, February 12, 2009 at the Guemes Island Community Church meeting room.  The purpose of the meeting was to view the DVD “A Crude Awakening—The Oil Crash”.

Attendees were Don Passarelli, Anne Passarelli, Connie Snell, Bob Snell, Carol Pellett, Howard Pellett, Tom Fouts and Juby Fouts.

Cards containing quotes concerning peak oil by various notables along with the Peak Oil/Climate Change Motivational Record were handed out to the new attendees.  The purpose of the quote cards was to pique the curiosity of the participants concerning Peak Oil and the Motivation Record was handed out so that participants could record their reaction to the information concerning Peak Oil/Climate Change.

The Crude Awakening DVD was shown and gave a detailed history of the role of fossil fuels over the last 150 years as well as expert opinions that indicate that humankind is on the cusp of peak oil, without an adequate substitute for the loss of fossil fuels as an energy source.  It was stated that, although current world human population is 6.5 billion, the world population without fossil fuels is estimated to be 1 to 2 billion.

A vigorous discussion took place concerning possible positive steps to be taken to enhance the sustainability of Guemes Island.  Subjects discussed included sources of water, growing food locally and the steps already taken by Guemes Islanders as a result of the AIA meetings concerning sustainability.  It was emphasized that Sustainable Guemes has no “leaders” in the conventional sense and the projects will be initiated and worked on by Guemes Islanders according to their skills and interest.

The next meeting of Sustainable Guemes will be at 7:00 PM, February 19, 2009 at the Guemes Island Community Church.  The DVD “The Power of Community” will be shown.  The movie deals with the Cuban challenge in dealing with reduced fossil fuel due to the blow up of the Soviet Union how the Cuban people pulled together to solve their problems and made progress in a matter of a few years.

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