February 5, 2009 Meeting Notes

Sustainable Guemes

February 5, 2009--Meeting Notes

A Sustainable Guemes meeting was held at 7:00 PM, February 5, 2009 at the Guemes Island Community Church meeting room.  The purpose of the meeting was to view the DVD “The End of Suburbia:  Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream”

Attendees were Susan Ferrel, Lane Parks, Connie Snell, Joost Businger, Marianne Kooiman, Anne Passarelli, Patrick York, Gary Platis, Carol Pellett and Howard Pellett.

Cards containing quotes concerning peak oil by various notables along with a Peak Oil/Climate Change Motivational Record were handed out to each participant.  The purpose of the quote cards was to pique the curiosity of the participants concerning peak oil.  The Peak Oil/Climate Change Motivational Record was handed out so that participants could gauge their degree of motivation to take action in the face of fossil fuel decline and climate change.  The Motivational Record charted progress from denial and despair to change and action.

The DVD, “The End of Suburbia”, was shown and featured expert testimony concerning the imminent peak production of fossil fuel and the consequences of inaction in the face of the global crisis due to fossil fuel decline.  Included were comments from Howard Kunstler, Richard Heinberg, Mattew Simmons, Michael Ruppert and Colin Campbell.

The purpose of the program was to present a “wake up” call concerning peak oil and to motivate folks to work together to meet this exciting challenge.  There will be disadvantages and well as advantages during the decline of fossil fuel.  The disadvantages are fairly obvious:  loss of individual mobility, loss of most of the products that Americans have taken for granted and the loss of “cheap” food supplies.  The advantages are less obvious, but include working together as a community, better tasting local foods and a sense of optimism which will grow as we face difficulties as a community.

“The End of Suburbia” will be shown again in the future as more people become aware of its content.

The next meeting of Sustainable Guemes will be at 7:00 PM, February 12, 2009 at the Guemes Island Community Church.  Shown will be the DVD “A Crude Awakening—The Oil Crash”.  The movie traces “The Age of Oil — 100-plus years of astonishing economic growth made possible by cheap, abundant oil — could be ending without our really being aware of it. Oil is a finite commodity. At some point even the vast reservoirs of Saudi Arabia will run dry. But before that happens there will come a day when oil production ‘peaks,’ when demand overtakes supply (and never looks back), resulting in large and possibly catastrophic price increases that could make today's $60-a-barrel oil look like chump change.”

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