Ongoing Island Efforts Toward Sustainable Living & Powering Down

Many island groups and individuals are wholly or partially committed to projects that model sustainable living for all of us.  New efforts are being added frequently.  The following list is not intended to be all-inclusive or all-descriptive.  Please contact Connie at for inclusions, suggestions, additions, corrections, etc.

Island Organizations Working on our Behalf:

  • CERT- ready to act neighborhood by neighborhood during emergencies
  • GEEC-  installed solar power at the Fire Hall
  • GIPAC- sustainability runs throughout the sub-area plan
  • Guemes Connects- reaches out to neighbors in need
  • GICC- recent seismic renovation to preserve the Hall
  • Guemes Com. Church- recent upgrades for shelter status
  • Land Preservation- works toward preserving wildlife areas,open space, etc.
  • Madrona Center- sponsor Com. gardens, launching sustainability library
  • Produce Exchange- encourages exchange of local goods and produce
  • Sustainable Guemes- works to increase community cooperation during fossil fuel decline
  • Waterworks- works to educate islanders about water conservation 





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