January 22, 2009 Meeting Notes

Attendees were Susan Ferrel, Lane Parks, Joost Businger, Frea Woofenden, Carol & Howard Pellett and Connie Snell.  The leadership is diverse in the sense that if you have an idea, you need to take ownership of it and work on it.

The conversation took many turns, some productive and some not, as you might suspect.  Out of it all, I believe that we agreed (or people committed) to do several things:

        Howard will show and Connie work on publicity for a series of DVDs to bring people up to speed on global warming/peak oil including, The End of Suburbia, A Crude Awakening and The Power of Community.  While we (those in attendance) are well aware of what's happening to our world and peak oil, the belief is that the problems facing us are so "terrible" that people have tuned the bad news out.  The idea behind Transition Town is that it focuses on the positive things to be gained by power down, rather than the negative.

        Susan Ferrel thought we should have a fair later on which would involve several of the groups who are attempting to do positive things (like the GEECs and their fire hall project).  It was unclear at this point if Susan is comfortable leading this effort, so it may need a nudge from others who are interested in the fair idea.

        We named ourselves (probably temporarily) Sustainable Guemes, for lack of something else more flashy.  There was expressed the feeling that we wanted to do something practical.

        Later, Carol P. agreed to talk to Joseph Miller about setting up an account for Sustainable Guemes and agreed to update the information, at least for now.

        Susan Ferrel purchased 20 copies of the Transition Handbook and is making copies available to interested folks to purchase or borrow.  The cost (I think) is around $18-20.  Susan and Lane went to Vancouver, BC to attend Transition Town training and are generally available as a resource to us on the subject.


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